What is VoiceFlick?
VoiceFlick is a web application that continuously delivers animations based on voice input.

Wait, what?
For example, if someone is telling a story, VoiceFlick will visualize this story with funny animations in real-time.

What do I need to use VoiceFlick?
You need a microphone and a browser.

Which browsers are supported?
The speech recognition is currently only supported in Chrome & Chromium (version 25 or later).

How do I use VoiceFlick?
Just start talking.

What languages are recognized?
English is the only supported language at the moment. But we hope to support more languages soon.

When can I use VoiceFlick?
Whenever you hear a voice, you can use VoiceFlick. It doesn't matter whether it's your own voice or someone else's, as long as it is loud and clear enough.

Privacy Policy?
VoiceFlick doesn't collect any information. VoiceFlick uses Google speech recognition, Google's privacy policy can be found here.
The privacy policy for the VoiceFlick android app can be found here.

Why is VoiceFlick called VoiceFlick?
Because with VoiceFlick, you can make your own flick with your own voice.